Friday, July 10, 2009

I Miss The HIP HOP SHOP Too...

Man, I miss the HIP HOP SHOP!!! Every artist in Detroit does, too. I remember when me, my Brother Mike, and all the young emcees in my neighborhood would cram into my '94 Escort every Saturday afternoon and shoot down 7Mile. It was a few stores west of Greenfield. It was small but vibrant. Crowded but comfortable. It was the place to be!

I miss DJ Head and DJ Slimfast broadcasting the pure dope that the radio stations wouldn't touch. I miss playing my new shit for Thyme (Goon Squad) who was employed there. He always dug my beats. Lyrics? Eh...

I miss all of those dope emcees from all corners of the Nation who made the trip as well. Thinking back on it, it's kinda funny how I'm standing next to people like Obie Trice, Elzhi, Bizarre, Denaun and Eminem... and not knowing who the hell these cats were at the time (1994). I think I saw Royce up there too, not sure.

I really miss Deshawn "Proof" Holton. Me and Deshawn go waaaay back to 4th grade (1984). I remember first hearing about this dope emcee that everyone called "Proof" in the early '90s. So I made my first ever trip to the SHOP to check this cat out. When I got there, I saw Deshawn, who I hadn't seen in years at the time...

Jamal7Mile: *walks into the SHOP, sees Deshawn* "Deshawn!! What's up doe?! I ain't seen you in a minute!"

Deshawn: "Jamaaaaal, what up man?!" *dap, dap, etc.*

J7: "Say, have you ever heard of this rapper they called Proof? I heard he's up here a lot."

Deshawn: "I'm Proof."

J7: *smirks*... "Uh huh, riiiight... still cracking them jokes, man."

Deshawn: "Jamal... I AM Proof!!"

I looked at him and my jaw dropped. His voice was exactly the same as Proof's voice on that tape I had. Deshawn was Proof!! WOW!! I've been rollin' with him every chance I got after that. One day, Eminem "went to California with his CD and met Dr. Dre". Before that, Maurice Malone shut down the SHOP and moved to NYC. Proof followed him there, I'm told. I lost touch with Deshawn after that. I think the whole world knows what happens next...

Damn, I miss THE HIP HOP SHOP!!


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