Saturday, September 12, 2009

J7: Sent To The Bench

I'm as prepared as I can possibly be for my upcoming "vacation" that starts Monday and is scheduled to last 30 days. Although I no longer drink, there was a time when I really, really did drink. My 13 year drinking career came to an end the day before Michael Jackson died but I'll be paying for it for quite sometime. It just so happens that I owe the great State of Michigan 30 days maximum in their Washtenaw County facilities, starting September 14th of this year. What can you do?

Jail itself doesn't really bother me as much as it should. It's what I'll miss out on while I'm cooling my heels in the joint that gets to me. I knew this day was coming back in early August. However, I completely forgot that I'd miss a whole month of football.

I'm gonna miss out on the premier of Jay Leno's new night time talk-show. I was really looking forward to that.

Not gonna be able to defend myself on the Facebook game Mafia Wars either. All of that real estate I bought and the money it earns is going to be left wide open to attacks.

ATL rapper, Killer Mike(!!!), has an excellent blog going on next week over at in the blogger's section. I won't be there to comment on the posts. Dying to see who the next guest blogger is, lol! Plus, a month without being able to read the posts of my other favorite bloggers is really going to suck! Shout out to Ron Mexico, Byron Crawford, Tony Grands, Dallas Penn, Combat Jack, Phlip & Detroit's own Hexmurda over at

Oh well, fuck it. This too shall pass. DVR will cover Jay Leno and new episodes of my show "First 48." And in due time I'll get caught up on the blog drops. The archives = blogger's DVR. DETOX and BISD probably ain't coming out next month either.

Like I said in an earlier post, I'm still in a good place right now. Still happy that I no longer drink and that my faith in my Higher Power is stronger than ever. Drinking just wasn't worth all of that grief. That shit will have you doing some crazy things... like yelling at the President of the United States on national (no, worldwide) television during a live press conference. Nothing but booze could've convince soon-to-be-ex-Rep., Joe Wilson, that that was a good ideal.

That shit will kill you. I've been to so many funerals of friends/family sharing that same common denominator... alcohol abuse. Whether it was due to health problems, auto accidents or homicide didn't matter.

That shit will break you!!! For the next 2 years or so, you won't have to ask me "What's in your wallet?" because you'll already know the answer... dust and tears.

Well, with that said, please don't drink if you know you have a problem. And if you do, please don't drive (like I did).

That shit will have you sitting on the bench...



Phlip said...

Wow, I am one of those cats who will enjoy a social drink or a few brews with a meal, but I fully understand one who needs for whatever reason to back away from it all completely.

Hold your head, you'll push through it and come out better as a result.

Thanks for the shout, it still rather surprises me to find that people are actually reading my stuff sometimes.
We'll all still be here on the other side homie.

Jamal7Mile said...

@Pierzy and Phlip, thanks for the encouragement. I'll be OK and I'll be back. I do read your posts Phlip. I may not comment a lot, but your 9/11 post sheds light on why. Doesn't mean I don't like 'em (I do) it's just that sometimes there's nothing that I can add to it besides "good drop!" Keep 'em coming.

Hmm... I was thinking about labeling my next post "Commenting >>> blog post?" I take off in the XXL comment section, but it takes me a minute (or a month) to write a blog. Kinda like right now. Heh, funny stuff...


Smear said...

Good thing I can't drive.... legally
Take it easy mate

boi-dan said...

"I feel happy for the happy and sad for the sad.":

BIGNAT said...

man homie at least you know what your problem is and you can fight against it. one day at a time one step at a time and your journey will be never ending. you need to fight what you got inside of you everyday but you gotta beat it to survive. i wish you luck

Curtis75Black said...

One day at a time Homie !!

Combat Jack said...

BRAVO!!!! I cut back greatly 4 years ago, when me and my then 7 yr son went to hang out with his buddies and their dad during the NBA playoffs. As he was playing, me and their dad was tossing back the Grey Goose like it was spring water. We got in the car, headed home like around 11pm. I woke up to a stark raving mad lunatic wife banging on the door in our driveway at 4am in the morning. My dude was asleep in the back, I was asleep at the wheel. We made it home, but I flunked on the get out.

Later on, thinking about what could have happened to him made me cut back greatly. But man-o-man does that drank bring some good and bad times.

Hold yer head my dude.

Combat Jack said...

And I know you know this already, but please do not let a dude named Bruce ploop you in the booty. You hear me lil buddy?

Anonymous said...

Hold ya head man. Been enjoyin ya blogs for sometime now. Do them 30 days like a soldier, get that shit over wit, get out, and start anew. You're in my prayers. God Bless


ron mexico said...

see you soon, big homie! congratulations on quitting drinking. i'm proud of you.

as you said, this too shall pass. indeed.

take care. we'll get up when you touch down!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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